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Bag That Weasel

When you hear Bag That Weasel you get the impression to be appear to be making every possible concession to turn the volume knobs louder than the amplifiers can actually go. The focus is still very much on sounding as dirty and analog as possible but with a thickness and fullness to it. Bag That Weasel are just unmatched when it comes down to getting to the hard-lined fundamentals of rock n' roll. The thunderous rampaging fury of their songs is not for the faint hearted


Bicycle Repair Man

The boys are back! This ever popular acoustic duo return to Withyfest! . Expect quirky covers & foot stomping originals. These two guys cover and eclectic range of pop & rock songs across several decades adding an outlandish folk twist with mandolin driven melodies & vocal harmonies. See songs you know performed in ways you might not expect – Bryan Ferry to Men at Work via Bon Jovi Matthews (mandolin/vocals) & James (guitar/vocals) are now beginning to add some upbeat original songs to their set, with the aim of getting feet tapping along to the beat of the stomp box which adds depth to a full acoustic sound. 

We are Bicycle Repair Man.
We do not mend bicycles.
Only broken hearts.


Luke Brown

Following the best singer song writer traditions, Luke Brown, his compositions that are personal, honest and telll stories that resonate with aspects of the experience of everyday life. and moves through the empty rooms of heartache and want. Brown isn’t content to tell you about the pain. We see him stand up, part the curtains, and head out into the streets to cry out about all the beauty left in life. Every tune has something fresh and wonderful going for it, each tale haunting and real. The genuine quality and craftsmanship of his songs shine through his performances.

Jerry Cahill

Jerry Cahill has variously been described as ambient Indo European Blues, as a cross between ambient guitar music and jazz folk and as coming from somewhare between Brian Eno and John Fahey. He has a lond association with Croixant Neuf Stage GlastonburyFest and was also largely responsible for starting the Bradninch Music Festival.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPDm1M94-aY&app=desktop&fbclid=IwAR3ReKh_mhXuIYpyqnVGt3GtAKUiTSCAazE4K0r3vP7QPXYWBObkLUGi5Ighttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjX560iXQkIhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vd5Je3vdCjk


A club Deejay of the highest standard. Having plied his trade in the Balearic Islands Cam3l will be playing the tunes to light up a summer's evening

Louise Cliff

Performing covers ranging from the 50s with a Retro/ Modern twist. She is influenced by Jazz, Cuban & Reggae rhythms. Her set list include covers by Caro Emerald, Nancy Sinatra, Tom Waites & Zara Hindi.

Rob Craig

Original and different. Whether playing his own compositions or what he calls his 'twisted covers' Rob brings own unique interpretation of blues guitar.

Deejay Davies

Inspired by the Brixton reggae scene, DeeJay Davis provides a rich heavyweight bass sound which compliments his tight selection of old and new dub reggae classics, all played from a vinyl deck. Keeping it real and keeping you in the mood with the perfect late night vibe

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Dexy and Special Guests 

The energy, passion and desire of Dexy’s performances set him apart. This year he is back with some very special guests and will be bigger and better than ever. Be prepared to be blown away!

Dr Splink

On vocals is Tor Rubble, Devon’s only Urban Poet, a messed up mix up cartoon like Ian Dury and Sid James. Tor started reading poetry in pubs and streets of London and has been performing on stages while travelling across the south of England since the early 1990s. He is a writer and music producer, creating Tribal Trout and for the last 12 years writing for and fronting bands such as — The Toretz (Ohmpa Ska Jazz n Bass) supported Zion Train, Asian Dub Foundation, Los Albertos, Here & Now, and The Blockheads who described the Toretz as ‘The best support act in over 5 years’- Sunfish (Guitar Driven Techno Psytrance),headlined many Dance Tents and supported acts Eat Static & System 7- Trouble & Mischief (Cabaret Electronica) supported acts such as the Tragic Roundabout and The Invisible Opera Company of Tibet. In that time he performed at many festivals I ncluding The Thames, Glastonbury, Beautiful Days, Sunrise, Waveform, Bearded Theory, Endorse-It, Vibraphonic and many more!!
On Bass is Mike, born under candle light. Early musical influences- 60's psychedelia, 70's rock. Dropped out of school at 17 to become a full time hippy. Played guitar since the age of 9 years old, first in a Ukranian folk band. Percussionist with Ska Trek, ska and reggae band in Devon. Took up bass and played with The Fondues, funk and acid jazz. Then a rock band, Critical Mass, loud and heavy and lots of fun. Then Trouble and Mischief, and now Dr Splink. Hope I die before I get old.
On Guitar is Andy, he is a superb guitarist and plays in bands in the south west such as Lateshift and played on several Trouble & Mischief and Tribal Trout tracks.
On keys is Drew who has been blowing, tinkling, squeezing or striking instruments since a nipper. Lucky enough to receive a free musical education he has played in diverse ensembles as a grown up including dancey Trouble & Mischief and folksy Cockahoop. Food, dancing about the place & festivals rock his world.
Saxophonist Tom has been blowing his hooter since he was a kid. He has played in ska, funk & jazz bands and will get his horn out whenever the opportunity arises. Tom's blend of musical styles and influences are perfectly suited for the eclectic, fantastic Splink.
On drums Seb has been fortunate enough to have music spoon fed to him at a very early age giving him special musical powers such as hitting things with objects and counting up to four. Main influences are rock, reggae, ska and rave. Having played in various cover bands, brass bands, pantomimes and musicals he has gathered a wide range of skills to aid him through his percussive adventure. Being the newest member of the band he's extremely pleased to be on board the Dr Splink train and looks forward to future endeavours.

Ed Man

Let Ed Man take you on a musical journey. A singer song writer of versatility with an eclectic range of styles. Compared to both Ray Davies and Nick Drake, Ed Man draws on a wide range of influences. Lyrically driven Ed Man's evocative music tells stories and paints picturehttps://www.numberonemusic.com/edman1/song/764331-Walking-Down-The-Street?fbclid=IwAR3TVUjrOJTrItHs4cyuAKIUZLP3koQ3qsy7REd8gJ28vmrUHxr04SfDGL4

Will Edwards

The Will Edwards musical recipe goes something like:

Put stage presence, musical talent and high level of audience participation, with no small amount of charm together in a large dollop of humour and mix thoroughly with old songs and new.

Great fun!

Georgia Fenwick 

With joyous lyrics and a wonderful voice Georgia truly is a remarkable singer song writer. Her latest release Sunday Blue is something special.