They are two excellent musicians who create a large sound with their adept use of “live” looping.

The spine tingling vocals and tight acoustic guitars with a mandolin, a foot-stomper and some cool electronic effects brings another dimension to their raw, pure and heartfelt music.

There is something for everyone in their set of engaging and uplifting original songs filled with energy and soul, combined with impressive covers that delight and surprise audiences, both young and old. From Florence & the Machine to Nancy Sinatra, Stevie Wonder, The Prodigy, Carol Emerald, Massive Attack, Guns & Roses, Ray Charles, K.T. Tunstall and more…

Mister Kay

Like a cab out of Croydon, Mister Kay, will set you free. The babyfaced DJ will provide that perfect reggae vibe that will have you dancing well into the night, drawing from a selection of Studio One scorchers, SKA originals and early reggae tunes. Like catching up with a dear old friend, Mister Kay, will stir the memory and take you back days to when sweet reggae music held sway

Monkey Wrench

A mix of original and covers in the rhythm and blues tradition. Their riff laden set will take you from the swamp to the sunshine with an evocative range of crafted songs. Monkey business guaranteed!


Nena is an adept vocalist that has a masterful sense of dynamics, emotiveness and register transitions. This is all bolstered by her brilliant enunciation and full and smooth vibrato

Vikki Nuttall

Whether performing folk from the North American song book or her own compositions depicting North Devon life, Vikki is a performer of the highest calibre.


Often when someone says 'listen to this - it's great' it can be a disappointment but not with Onikz. I was told that this was the best rap heard for years and when I heard it I had to agree- it blew me away.  


Obadiah, polished, slick and talented - a hip hop star fully formed and ready for the big time

Chris Pearce

Chris brings a certain joie de vivre to his performance. He has an infectious joy and passion. Alongside the usual bunch of songs from Bob Dylan to Bob Marley there are added a peppering of self-penned ditties. Almost anyone can play almost any chord, but it’s the way they are played that make the difference - and although Chris might strum many ‘a-folky’ tune; he also embellishs his performance with a variety of plucks, twiddles and picks.

Pineapple Tribe

Pineapple Tribe have been appearing at Notting Hill Carnival for well over 10 years now, and have always attracted a friendly and up for it crowd with their mix of classic and new- hard house, breakbeat and techno. Pineapple Tribe began putting on outdoor parties in the early 90's and have appeared at many big events including Glastonbury. Their music is wide ranging, anything that gets the crowd moving will fit in a Pineapple tribe set, which is something that their crowds have appreciated over the years