Hinton Jazz


Father and son duo, Giles and Emile Hinton have a special bond as jazz musicians.

"I'm not sure if jazz families are any more or less special than any other family," Giles says with a laugh. "But with jazz families, you get more melody."

One thing's for certain: When they play their music, they create wonderful fireworks. If you are lucky enough to catch them at Withyfest’19 you will witness a certain chemistry. You can hear right away that they enjoy playing with each other. And it's beautiful, because that comes through in the music. They're loving it. They're dancing together.

They have developed their own sound; their own personality and they do their own thing. Giles plays from the heart with a certain raw emotion, whereas Emile's sound is much more refined, much more distilled. It is a joy to hear those two plays together. It is something very, very special.

Jason Johns

Melding classic tunes with new inspirations into a unique cocktail topped with a soulful beyond years voice you will not be disappointed...a little bit of pop sorta indie thing.

Tony Kilshaw

If you like your music to be brimmed full of character you in for a treat! Tony Kilshaw is a great raconteur. Words and music combine to tell the story. Songs from the Irish folk tradition and elsewhere are delivered with sensitivity, great musicianship and humour.



Lionhat is an artistic community with a focus on roots reggae music, inspired by Jamaican music of the 1970s and drawing influences from the global reggae explosion, with its message of peace, equality and justice for all.

Our band of singers, players and poets come from both professional and amateur backgrounds and we bring a positive and inclusive vibe to the dance floor.

A recent collaboration with local refugee aid charities such as Refugee Rescue and ShelterBox has led to this series of Reggae Reach Out benefit gigs.


Playing an acoustic set at Withyfest'19 Lodestoneare an originals rock / indie band from Wiltshire, England. Playing upbeat, melodic and powerful original songs.

Reformed in 2019, Lodestone can trac
e their routes back to the funk / rock / grunge era of the 90's where they were heavily influenced by contemporary artists such as the Black Crows and Pearl Jam. They are now writing and playing new songs in addition to the best of their back catalogue.

The two founding members, Chris Hoar and Marcel Rose, are joined by highly accomplished local musicians, past member Jerry Rosier as well as new members Luke Cradock and Jon Berry and collectively the band have a wealth of experience, from touring Europe to session work and studio engineering / production for other bands / musicians